Noel Coonan celebrating with Jack Gleeson from Rathnavogue at his 90th birthday party in the Dunkerrin Arms on Saturday

Fine Gael candidate in Tipperary, Noel Coonan today said that Fine Gael’s plan to support jobs will deliver more jobs right here in Tipperary and bring unemployment below 7% in every region.

“I meet with Fine Gael Ministers including Jobs Minister Richard Bruton every Wednesday night to prioritise jobs in Tipperary. I want to be re-elected so I will be in this position to continue to push for priority for Tipperary. I will also constantly push for investment into Tipperary with the IDA and Enterprise Ireland and highlight our many available quality sites. I brought them on visits to the county and will continue to do so. We in Fine Gael will abolish USC over 5 years. I am committed to unemployment within 1% of the national average of 6% by 2020. Enterprise Ireland figures for 2015 show that the Government’s job creation plan is working in Tipperary, where 5,264 people are employed in the 122 companies supported by the Department of Jobs, through Enterprise Ireland. These companies created 382 additional new jobs in Tipperary in 2015.

“Many of the projects I worked and delivered on have created jobs such as re-opening Templemore Garda College, sports capital funding to every community, securing the future of St Patrick’s College Thurles incorporating their training with Mary Immaculate College, safeguarding of Dean Maxwell Unit Community Nursing Unit Roscrea, St Conlon’s Community Nursing Unit Nenagh, Community Hospital of the Assumption Thurles, allocation of community funding to Cabra Wetlands, Littleton Community Centre, McAuley Centre Templemore, Community Centre for example.

“Fine Gael is already implementing Mid West Regional Action Plan for Jobs up to 2018 which is directly benefiting Tipperary, and has allocated €250m to help spread growth to all areas. Fine Gael will develop a Regional Action Plans for Jobs for the period after 2018 which will continue progress on delivering jobs for Tipperary,” said Deputy Coonan.

“Templemore Garda College is one of the biggest industries in County Tipperary. Recruitment and re-training supports the economy in all of Tipperary creating spin off jobs for hotels restaurants and service industries in Tipperary. This keeps jobs local in the county and supports the jobs of suppliers to the college. There are many further boosts to the local economy from the re-opening of Templemore Garda College. The college is presently seeking expressions of interest to provide student accommodation within 10-12mile radius of Templemore. This is extremely positive for local accommodation providers, restaurants, butchers, grocers. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy.

“I want investment in all the towns and villages in Tipperary and will continue to support the pharmaceutical industry in all our towns. I am working hard on replacement industry and several sites have also been looked at in Tipperary to support farming and the beet industry. Consistent support for Tipperary’s agri-food sector from the local bakers to the farm-related food industries is of priority to me. The success of Irish agriculture is rooted in local Tipperary communities.

“Fianna Fáil has no plan to develop our regions while it’s an area that Independents, with their local focus, simply won’t be able to, or won’t be interested in, delivering on. That is at the heart of the choice the electorate will have to make on the 26th. The return of this government is crucial if we want to build on the good work that this government has done to deliver jobs for Tipperary,” concluded Deputy Coonan.

Fine Gael candidate in Tipperary, Noel Coonan TD has said that keeping the recovery going for rural and farming communities will bring more jobs to Tipperary, by contrast with Fianna Fáil’s treatment of the agri-food sector as a ‘sunset industry’, which decimated rural Ireland. Noel Coonan TD was speaking after Fine Gael launched its proposals to support rural Ireland, as part of Fine Gael’s Long Term Economic Plan to keep the recovery going.

“Rural communities are critical to Fine Gael’s Long Term Economic Plan to keep the recovery going in Tipperary. The plan has three steps: more and better jobs; making work pay; and sensible investment in our public services like healthcare, transport and infrastructure.

Deputy Coonan continued: “The roll out of the Mid-West Regional Action Plan for Jobs will drive local job creation in Tipperary and bring down unemployment to under 7% in all regions.

“The implementation of €300 million in taxation measures to encourage greater mobility and opportunity in the agri-food sector will also help to drive employment. Fine Gael already introduced a €25,000 Family Transfer Partnership tax incentive to assist succession.

“The implementation of the Foodwise 2025 strategy will increase agri-food industry exports by 85% to €19 billion by 2025 and deliver 23,000 new jobs nationally. We will grow those exports by expanding the dairy, beef, seafood and consumer food and drinks sectors.

Deputy Coonan continued: “The €4 billion Rural Development Programme will benefit rural communities in Tipperary and we are committed to carrying out a mid-term review to ensure the full draw down of all EU funds.

“With a strong agriculture sector and a strong economy we can put the recovery to work by investing in new public services right here in Tipperary.

“No town or village in Tipperary will be left behind in the National Broadband Plan which will deliver 85% national coverage by 2018 and full coverage by 2020.

“Fine Gael is determined to stop the decline in our post office network and is pursuing new business opportunities to help our post offices thrive again. We are also committed to ensuring that patients throughout the country continue to have access to GP Services, especially in remote rural areas and that general practice remains sustainable in such areas into the future.

“Fianna Fáil deserted rural Ireland and their mismanagement decimated Tipperary. The agri-food sector was treated as a ‘sunset industry’ and agricultural colleges were threatened with closure as young farmers were encouraged to ditch their family business and take up jobs in construction instead. As a result, exports fell by 17% under Fianna Fáil.

“With 300,000 jobs lost under Micheál Martin’s watch, many parents saw their sons and daughters leave Tipperary for the UK, Australia, Canada and the US. In our long-term plan to keep the recovery going and create 200,000 jobs, Fine Gael wants to give them the opportunity to come home.

“Fine Gael believes that work must pay for our farmers, fishermen, foresters and small food processors, most of whom are self-employed. The average farming family have already seen their tax bills fall by €800 a year with our cuts to USC and reforms for the self-employed. Farmers are best positioned to benefit from Fine Gael’s plan to completely abolish the USC and ending the discrimination of the self-employed in the tax system.

“Rural communities and businesses have a choice; between the Fianna Fáil party who treated agriculture as a sunset industry, or a Government that has put agriculture back at the top of the economic agenda. Fine Gael has a Long Term Economic Plan to keep the recovery going here in Tipperary based on three simple steps; more and better jobs; making work pay and investing in better services,” concluded Deputy Coonan.

Fine Gael candidate in Tipperary, Noel Coonan TD today said that the party’s plan to get Ireland working will help end welfare dependency and tackling long-term unemployment in Tipperary.

Deputy Coonan continued: “Getting Ireland working is the top priority of Fine Gael in Government. We believe in the value of work; we understand the sense of independence and pride that comes from earning a living. We have seen 135,000 extra jobs created since we launched our Action Plan for Jobs. Fine Gael is the only party with a funded jobs plan which we will use to break the endless cycle of poverty by getting people off welfare and into jobs in Tipperary.

“During Fine Gael’s first term in Government we started to transform our passive welfare system into an active employment service that has directly benefited Tipperary. Today there are almost 95,000 fewer long-term unemployed people since the launch of our Action Plan for Jobs. But in the next Government we need to be more radical and do more to provide everyone with the opportunity to access work in Tipperary.

“Fianna Fáil cannot be trusted on jobs. Not only did their disastrous economic policies cost us 300,000 jobs but they abandoned people on the dole queues right here in Tipperary and forced tens of thousands of our young people to emigrate. Fianna Fáil still has no plan to help the long-term unemployed get off the dole and into work. Instead they want to hike welfare payments without any corresponding policy to make work pay, which will only make it more unaffordable for people to enter work.

Deputy Coonan continued: “Fine Gael’s plan involves a whole new approach to eliminating chronic joblessness, welfare dependency and long-term unemployment. We’ll put long-term unemployed people to the top of the jobs queue in Tipperary by increasing the incentive for employers to hire those who have been out of work for more than 12 and 24 months. We will prevent young people from falling into the welfare trap by ensuring school leavers have access to further education and training.

“As the economy recovers we cannot repeat Fianna Fáil’s mistakes. During the height of the Celtic Tiger, Ireland experienced one of the highest rates of jobless households in Europe, even when unemployment was at its lowest. Building on the success of the Pathways to Work Action Plan during our first term, Fine Gael will publish a Specific Pathways to Work Plan for Jobless Households which will help to tackle long-term unemployment in Tipperary.

“Fine Gael’s Long Term Economic Plan offers our people the stability and certainty needed to keep the recovery going, by creating more and better jobs, making work pay and investing in better services in Tipperary,” concluded Deputy Coonan.

“People should get out and support Noel Coonan TD, he is an exceptionally hard working candidate who has set a standard for high quality work in Tipperary,” endorsed An Taoiseach Enda Kenny at a rally in the Templemore Arms Hotel last Friday night.

“I am happy to be in Templemore tonight to support Noel Coonan and explain our long term plan to continue the country’s good fortune and set out how we will create 200,000 jobs in Ireland between now and 2020; and bring back 70,000 of our young people who were forced to emigrate because of the incompetence of the last administration. We intend to hold on to our two Fine Gael seats here in Tipperary and look forward to the full participation of the people on 26th February to return those two seats,” continued An Taoiseach to applause and cheer from the packed ballroom.

Addressing the crowd Deputy Coonan said: “A heartfelt thanks to everyone who is here tonight to support my campaign. I am honoured to see a packed ballroom and will continue my commitment to work for the love of the Premier County.

“Our economy was in a shambles five years ago but Fine Gael showed hope, dynamism and ambition to lift us from the debts of despair. Now we have a thriving economy giving hope to people. I am sending a message to the people of Tipperary that we want the stability to continue and must retain our two Fine Gael seats here in Tipperary. It is essential you keep a Deputy such as myself in your locality to represent you and provide  you with an office to go to with your issues of concern. I have fought hard over the last five years to bring Tipperary matters to the core of Leinster House and want to continue this valuable work.”

Deputy Coonan wished his Fine Gael colleagues Minister Tom Hayes and Cllr Marie Murphy well in the upcoming General Election and looks forward to working as part of a determined team to re-elect two Fine Gael seats for the continued betterment of County Tipperary.


Tipperary TD Noel Coonan contacted Tipperary County Council seeking an update on progress with Public Town Park in Newport saying this is an issue he has been encountering in Newport and is of importance to the community there.

“The update I received from Council officials noted that Tipperary County Council continues with their commitment to providing a Public Town Park in Newport and the project is fully supported by the elected members of the Nenagh Municipal District. The Department of the Environment has allocated €500,000 to Newport and Tipperary County Council will supplement this with its own resources to complete the project.

“The Council has identified two potentially suitable sites for the Town Park and is in discussions with the owners/representatives of these sites. Neither site is actively on the market, at present, although the Council understand that one of them will shortly be put out to tender.

“The Council will proceed with the Town Park once it has secured the necessary site. I want to commend the Council on their dedication towards this vital amenity for the people in Newport and indeed further afield who will greatly utilise the town park,” concluded Deputy Coonan.

Tipperary TD Noel Coonan joined An Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Jobs Minister Richard Bruton in Limerick on Friday to highlight the benefits of the Government’s capital investment programme, Building on Recovery, for the Mid West region including Tipperary.

“This plan benefits Tipperary in many ways including funding for ongoing Garda recruitment in Templemore Garda College, investment at St Conlon’s Community Nursing Home Unit in Nenagh and Dean Maxwell Community Nursing Unit in Roscrea, refurbishments at Nenagh General Hospital, the Shannon Bridge crossing at Killaloe and a new Garda station for Clonmel. This is a sample of the investment we have planned,” said Deputy Coonan.

“In total, €875 million in capital funding has been allocated to the Justice sector which is unprecedented. I am proud to be part of the Fine Gael Government that, in 2014, ended the moratorium on Garda recruitment introduced by the last Government in 2009 which was led by Fianna Fáil and Independents. To date, there have been six intakes of Garda Trainees to the Garda College. The 600 new Gardaí to be recruited this year will bring to 1,150 the total number of new recruits since the reopening of the Garda College in September 2014.

“While the vibrancy of our police force and tackling crime is one of my high priorities, this capital investment plan also underscores the determination of this Government to deliver an effective service in many other areas. The plan allocates a total of €3.01billion to capital projects under the Department of Jobs, and represents an average annual increase of €20.6million on the Department’s allocation for 2014; a year when the agencies under the Department delivered a record 19,500 extra jobs.

“This investment in Tipperary is required to keep our recovery going. We in Fine Gael have a plan to strengthen our economic growth,” concluded Deputy Coonan.

Fine Gael TD for Tipperary, Noel Coonan, has said that the new Burglary Act will make Tipperary homes safer and highlights this Government’s commitment to supporting An Garda Síochána.

Deputy Coonan continued: “The Minister for Justice and Equality, Frances Fitzgerald, has announced that the Criminal Justice (Burglary of Dwellings) Act 2015 has now come into operation, meaning that from today bail can be denied to repeat offenders who come before the courts.

“Statistics provided by the Garda Síochána show that 75% of burglaries are committed by 25% of burglars. As a result of this new law bail can be denied and consecutive sentences can be given to repeat burglars. It’s my hope that the act will reduce crime rates in Tipperary and will be a key weapon in the battle against crime.

“This is just one step taken by the Government to support Gardaí in keeping our communities safe. This Government has reopened Templemore after it was closed by Fianna Fáil; €46 million has been allocated for Garda vehicles, many of which will be high-power vehicles for targeted operations; €18 million is being provided for the refurbishment of Garda stations and €205 million has been invested in new technology for An Garda Síochána. This is part of an unprecedented allocation of €875 million in capital funding for the Justice sector.

Deputy Coonan commented: “The new Burglary Act also provides an important additional layer of support to Gardaí in implementing Operation Thor. These new provisions for tougher sentences and stricter bail for repeat offenders will now be available when persons charged as part of Operation Thor come before the courts. Operation Thor, which was launched in November 2015, is a multi-strand national anti-crime and anti-burglary operation. It involves a broad range of activities to tackle crime, particularly burglaries.

“Home is the place where we should all feel most safe and secure. This is why Minister Fitzgerald is targeting those who commit burglaries. This Bill will help to keep repeat burglars off the streets and to improve the safety of our communities,” concluded Deputy Coonan.

Kelly’s of Fantane Quarries,

January 19th, 2016 by noelcoonan

Kelly’s of Fantane Quarries, have their headquarters based near Borrisoleigh, Thurles Co Tipperary.


Like everyone else in the industry Kelly’s of Fantane were not immune to the abrupt downturn of the recession, however we are glad to say that we have weathered the storm & are going from strength to strength.



The quarries produce a very high-quality, durable stone and that has served us extremely well. It is in big demand all over the country. We supply high P.S.V. coated chippings for surface dressing. We have worked with Local Authorities as an approved specialist surfacing contractor and have spent over 30 years in the industry, developing a reputation for this quality. We also supply a full range of stone for house building and construction, including granular fill SR21 material – to the tightest specification  for subfloors, which only a limited number of quarries have. In addition to this, we supply building sand & gravel while the tarmacadam plant produces macadam and asphalt for use on everything from Driveways to Highways..

Kellys operate a fleet of 15 tippers and six artics, as well as subcontract haulier can deliver anywhere promptly.  All fleet maintenance and repairs are carried out in-house in their own garage / workshop, where four mechanics are employed full time.

All products and materials are produced to the absolute highest standards. Kelly’s boast an impressive seven NSAI Product Certifications at present that include EN 206 for ready-mix concrete, EN 13108 for bituminous products, EN 13043 for high PSV chippings, EN 13242 for unbound aggregates and EN 771 for concrete blocks


Between office and sales staff as well as quarry personnel, drivers and Civil Engineering contracting staff, Kellys of Fantane currently provide gainful employment to a highly-professional and experienced team of 70 & also uses Subcontractors .With demand on the up, things are moving forward at an encouraging rate. Recently, we have been, laying CBM (cement bound material) on the Arklow Bypass, which was a nine-month project.

One of the real beauties of Kellys of Fantane quarries is that we operate a veritable one-stop shop, supplying local authorities and civil engineering companies alike not just with quality materials but also with a specialist service & machinery for any contract.  Investment in the best plant and equipment ensures an excellent all-round service. For example, we  own and operate a full-width 12-metre paver that pulls the full carriageway in one go – the only one of its kind in Ireland to a meter mini paver which is used to machine lay footpaths.  The quarry contains one of the largest mobile crushing plants in Europe, capable of producing 500 tonnes of  processed aggregates per hour.

This typifies a wholly progressive operation that is positioned at the forefront of the Irish road construction materials supply sector. Three generations and eight decades in, Kellys are just getting warmed up!



Kellys of Fantane Quarries &International Road Construction Company




Co Tipperary

0504 52118

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